….Another EPIC HYA Tees List

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

…. but there’s a link to one!

I can confess to asking @hideyourarms what he was listing when he said there was going to be another HYA ‘EPIC’ list.


“Ha!  Bean Been there, done that” I said – and I had, on this very blog, and knowing what a great opportunity this was to share Redbubblers’ work – I sent Andy the link!


So, did you take a look at Redbubble?



Also, being the cheeky bratwurst I am – I sent him a link to one of mine too – when he put out the call for more tees.

This one:


Uh oh – did I get it right??  Should I have sent this one instead??


Meh – maybe he’d find it on his own …….

After that, other than checking that the boy was eating ….. couldn’t have him starving slaving over the list without a little sustenance …..


…….. I sat back and waitered waited to see what Andy had cooked up for us this thyme time!

So without further fondue ado I present to you another bunch of great cotton eye candy goodness!


Check out Redbubble for yourself!

Get creative on redbubble.com

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